About us

It was the 1930's when the family Siqueff Febles founded the restaurant and bakery La Sin Rival in Motul, Yucatán. In a short time it gained fame and prestige for its undisputed culinary creations such as the huevos motuleños sauce and pan cepillo and it turned into a destination for people from all over of the state.

Don Jorge Siqueff Febles built and founded the Panaderia Montejo together with his initial staff of Motul. There he introduced the first mould machines for sliced bread or pan de molde to be used in the state. In 1956, the bakery was being built across the street and at the same time as master Rómulo Rozo was sculpting the Monumento a la Patria on Paseo de Montejo. Who would finish first became a joke among the locals.

On November 12, 1959, Don Jorge Siqueff Febles, along with his wife Doña Margarita Alonzo de Siqueff, decided to open a restaurant in the house where his family lived on street 59. Because he made such a name for himself as a great cook he named the restaurant “Siqueff”. In a short time, dishes like the deer steak, the fried kibi, the french fried chicken and the huevos motuleños became authentic icons of the local cuisine. They were gracious hosts to all friends and family who came to eat at their restaurant and Siqueff made sure he showed his appreciation by creating the slogan:


For half a century in the town of Mérida, Yucatan, Siqueff has been an important tourist attraction and an emblematic restaurant of Yucatecan and Lebanese gastronomy.

The next two generations of the family—his son Jorge Siqueff Alonzo and his wife Doña Estela Villanueva de Siqueff and their daughter Maria Jose—have continued to show outstanding excellence in the culinary arts and service to their loyal customers. The restaurant has evolved with the times without forgetting its roots and above all, the values that brought Don Jorge to the top of the restaurant sector in Motul and Mérida.

Currently at their location on street 60, the traditional taste and quality of its meat, shellfish, Lebanese and regional cuisine provide the tourism and local sector with the same authentic Siqueff experience that has been part of their family from the beginning. Siqueff continues be innovative and to live up to its culinary legacy in this ever growing city of Merida, Yucatan.

Thank you for sharing our table.

María José Siqueff V.